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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Abraham Lincoln

Life & Lifestyle focus

Life or Lifestyle Counseling is for anyone who could use some support in making positive life changes. Maybe you know what that change is—or maybe not! Many people work with a life coach to find clarity—they know they want things to be different, but could use some help figuring out exactly what they want the change to look and feel like. That’s one of the things a life coach does best! Other people also come to coaching for something specific—maybe it’s navigating a transition, making an important decision, working through a relationship, or moving forward after a setback. Still others come for something related more to adjusting the general tone and texture of life – developing a new habit, for example, or perspective, or practice. Either way, working with a life coach can really help get you from where you are now to where you’d like to be.

Creativity focus

Imagination, invention. Energy and ideas. Inspiration, motivation, creative flow. Most of us feel great when we’re really in the flow of our creative work – and less great when we hit a sticky patch and things snag, slow, and sometimes come to a full STOP. Whether you create for work or for love or for both, if you’re feeling creatively stuck or stagnant, working with a creativity counselor can really get you back on track! As a lifelong visual, musical, and literary artist, I’ve been both in flow and in the weeds throughout my creative life. If you’re feeling stuck in a specific project or in general, creativity counseling will help you engage with your work in new ways and understand how to approach it with a lighter (or feircer) heart, more optimism and energy, and a fresh perspective.

Happiness focus

Happiness is the engine that animates our lives, and like an engine, it’s made of many parts. For an engine to work, every part has a special job to do and contributes to the whole; if one part isn’t working, the whole thing is compromised. There are many different “parts” that work together to power our lives and make the engine of our happiness run! Happiness coaching is for when it’s less the circumstances of life that need attention and more the various parts and how they’re working together, inside and out. By shining our light around to assess the health of the wheels and belts that turn the engine, we can determine which need tuning. Then we’ll explore and implement strategies to get everything running more smoothly so, every day, you can drive your very best self to the party.

Writing focus

Writing focus description coming . . .

Vocation focus

Many of us have been taught that we work so we can be happy and live meaningful, authentic lives later—after work, on weekends, when we get vacations or retire—but I’m a firm believer in doing what both makes sense for your lifestyle and makes you feel inspired, meaningful, confident, and joyful. Positive Psychology vocation counseling activates the curiosity, growth mindset, courage, and optimism you need to get to the heart of what you really want from your professional life—and figure out how to make it happen! Whether you’re navigating a career transition, struggling to find meaning in your current work, or are curious about inventing or reinventing yourself professionally, we can work together to clarify and tap your needs, values, strengths and skills, explore all possible paths, and make a practical plan to get you on one that will truly expand your happiness (not postpone it!) and help you flourish.

Ever make mistakes in life? Let’s make them birds.

Yeah, they’re birds now.

Bob Ross

how does it work?

I use a Positive Psychology coaching framework that works to crystallize and invigorate your goals so you can begin taking real, concrete action toward them. The process of meaningful change is usually nonlinear by nature, but this one ultimately works in 3 steps.

step 1

Clarify & Energize

During the intial phase of the process, we’ll take the time to explore and ultimately refine what truly positive change looks like for you. This will allow you to really clarify and commit to your unique, forward-looking goal(s). To get you where you want to go, we have to know where you’re going! We’ll use a variety of strategies to generate the clear vision, hope, excitement, optimism, and momentum you’ll need to prepare for action. This exploratory and generative work is a key part of the process that is usually quite fun and inspiring!

step 2

Activate & Navigate

At this stage, you’ll be actively moving toward your goals by developing concrete action steps that you’ll commit to carrying out between our sessions. As we go along, we’ll celebrate wins, build on what’s working, tap whatever resources you need to stay on track, and troubleshoot any obstacles that get in your way. Depending on the nature of your goal, we may also chart a detailed and comprehensive way forward (a Goal Map) so we can clearly see all of your next steps—and create specific plans for how to successfully navigate each.

step 3

Flow & Expand

You’re now in a place where rapid, substantial progress is possible. You’re in the flow of your process of positive change, and we’ll use all the momentum you’ve built up to continue on your forward journey, ironing out any kinks as we go. Finally, during our last session and complimentary closing, we’ll recap all the progress you’ve made toward your goal, make sure you have a solid plan for continuing forward, and explore how you can use your new perspective, tools, and discoveries to affect positive change in other areas of your life. 

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How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Annie Dillard