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Book Launch Party and Celebration!

Come join ali and the other booksellers and greater reading community of Phoenix Books on Tuesday, August 8th for a fun evening of poetry, stories, snacks, and surprises!
* 7pm *
All are welcome.

** Event is ticketed, and your $3 ticket is a $3 coupon off your purchase of marmalade from Phoenix Books. **

Tickets and books can be purchased by phone, website, or in-store, either in advance or at the event.

ali lanzetta – marmalade


i ‘misplace’ traces of everything this isn’t in handfuls and in my eyes, spread over the covers of the collected stories my heart zooms along, illuminated. they smell like the sky or dream like slipped jewelries to the floor of the sink in a silent clinking. they glint. some fizz. some are pulled petals and gather round, counting. i pop one into my mouth; it plays the trumpet fanfare all the way down.

some hints of everything this isn’t might draw me a map that runes to the moon, or far and away from the dark space of illicit wishes between stars. i spill them from my outturned pocket, resplendent. a few of them start a pool to write poetry or protest Empiricism. two lean in, listening. one wears a stethoscope: the heart thumps!  “hold my drink,” one prompts another, beaming, and kisses me.

:: from marmalade, by ali lanzetta
Spuyten Duyvil Press, 2023

(And for more sneak-peeks into the weird, whimsical world of marmalade, check out some clips and snips and feelings here and a couple more included pieces, in full, here and here!)

I'm a writer, artist, bookseller, educator, and certified Positive Psychology coach based in Burlington, Vermont.

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