What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of mindset, happiness, resilience, and human flourishing, as well as the application of specific strategies to optimize conditions for well-being and growth. It’s the applied science of happiness.

What is Coaching? Counseling?

Coaching is a practice and process of cooperative discovery, where coach and client work together to clarify and design forward-looking goals and facilitate movement toward them. Counseling is doing much of the same, but includes more advising.

Positive Psychology dovetails beautifully with both coaching and counseling!


Because together they activate positive change by focusing on solutions rather than problems, the present and future rather than the past, and on shifting perspectives to see and do things in new and creative ways.

Check out this clip that explains how positive emotions are essential for activating change!

My Approach

Star in The Margin is a reference to those little stars we might pencil into the margins of our books, highlighting things that energize and inspire us, that pique our interest or curiosity. The practice of locating and “starring” these areas in the margins of our lives is foundational to living well, and this is what my coaching and counsel is about — I help people find, tap, and follow their own stars and move toward their goals with renewed energy, clarity, courage, and grace.

Once we start shining the light around, we usually find that these stars, however tiny at first, are everywhere. We often just have to change the way we’re looking!
In addition to Positive Psychology, happiness, and Zen studies, my expertise is in creativity, the arts, dynamic teaching, and holistic wellness. I work deeply with perspective, mindset, hope, imagination, curiosity, and zest. I’ve drawn lots of stars, and my coaching practice draws on many different disciplines to help my clients bloom brightly into their best selves and potentials, and to move toward and achieve their goals with purpose and joy.

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out. 


About Me


B.A. in Studio Art
The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA.

M.A. in English: Creative Writing
SF State University, San Francisco, CA.

M.F.A. in Creative Writing: Poetry & Teaching
SF State University, San Francisco, CA

200-hr. YTT & Eagle-Condor Medicine Training
Earth & Sky Yoga, Wolfeboro, NH

Positive Psychology Coaching Certification
The Wholebeing Institute, Hardwick, MA.

what i do

I’ve found that my signature strengths of curiosity, humor, zest, hope, creativity, and perspective are truly what make me who I am. I use a strengths-based, solutions-focused approach both personally and professionally, and have found it to be extremely effective in creating meaningful and lasting happiness! My coaching and counseling practice is informed by my experience as a creative teacher, and as an artist, writer, and student of Yoga and Zen, as well as by a deep sense of wonder and affection for the world and all its color and characters. As we work together, I’ll look forward to tuning into your unique experiences and blend of strengths and find out how you can better tap into them to help you flourish!

areas of expertise

I’ve been a visual artist, musician, and writer all my life, and have taught creative reading and writing in academic settings for over eleven years. I’ve taught for San Francisco State University, Southern NH University, NH Tech, Champlain College, The Community College of Vermont, and The Wholebeing Institute, and was honored to recieve the 2016 VT State College system’s award for Teaching Excellence. I love teaching! I consider it an art and have developed my own creative style that’s been used with hundreds of students not only to explore specific subjects, but also to inspire greater curiosity, imagination, and a lifelong love of examining and integrating the worlds inside of and around us. This is the energy I bring to my counseling and coaching work.

creative work

My creative work is foundational to who I am as a person. Positive Psychology offers a profound way of understanding and reframing our creative work and relationships to it; its strategies are excellent for getting creatively “unstuck” and breathing new light and energy into our creative projects and practices. The more we integrate creativity and imagination into our daily lives, the richer and more holistic our work and lives become. Win/win! This conviction really defines my approach as a counselor, coach, teacher, artist, and individual, and I truly delight in helping others discover its magic for themselves. I’m a wholehearted person (I do everything with my whole heart!) and all of my work reflects that.

Poetry and hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.

A.A. Milne (from The House on Pooh Corner)